The First Class Forum 2.0

This event was the curtain-raiser for the centre’s long list of get-togethers and seminars for the year 2017. The First Class Forum 2.0 was the second in what we hope to be a long series of similar seminars. The First class forum which took place on the 21st of January was to prepare students, especially freshmen, for the academic session which had just begun. Those present were expected to go home after the occasion with the tools, zeal and insight that could help them in making a first class grade point.

The Speakers

The speakers at this event were Dr. Somto Nwabueze and Obinna Agba. Dr. Somto Nwabueze is a Medical doctor who graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka among what was known as the ‘Dean’s favourites’ back in 2015; the top 20 graduating students from medical school. Obinna Agba is a software engineer and web developer. A first class graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Lagos. Both are highly successful gentlemen who know their onions and the way around what it takes to be at the top of a class.

The Event

Obinna Agba spoke on a lot of things. Being an alumnus of Unilag before an audience largely populated by Unilag students, he spoke with a lot of experience and could really relate to their situation. He talked mostly about good study habits and how to combine academic work with other essential extracurricular activities.

Dr. Nwabueze, knowing his trade like the back of his hand, spoke from a medical point of view. His presentation was ‘Memory, Sleep and Study Skills’. From a neurological perspective, he talked about study techniques that help the memory. He made a lot of references to medical surveys and research, stressing on the importance of sleep for the brain, time management and choosing the best place to study


This seminar had 50 attendees. It was a very enlightening and inspiring session for the students. It was good that they could listen to people who were, not very long ago, in their shoes. At Lakeside study centre we eventually recounted the numerous benefits from this event and how it reflected in the results of some of the attendees.

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