Pre-UNIV Conference 2017

The UNIV congress is an annual convention of university students in Rome which brings together people from across the world. For the past 50 years this forum has impacted several students individually and their respective institutions as well. It was one of the many initiatives brought about by St. Josemaria Escriva to forge a bond among students worldwide to seek a common goal of improving the standard of society.

During the UNIV Congress, students from all over make several presentations on global issues revolving round a central theme. There is always a theme for each UNIV congress. There are also sessions for top professionals and influential people to speak on these issues. The theme for this year’s UNIV was ‘The World in Movement’

Before any UNIV congress there is a local phase in each of the participating countries. This local phase is called the pre-UNIV conference. Students from different universities within the country come together for a convention that has a replica model to the UNIV congress. It is from the pre-UNIV that presentations are submitted to the body in charge of the UNIV congress.


The Event

The Pre-UNIV conference in Nigeria this year was a three-day event which started on the 18th of February and ended on the 21st. It was a weekend programme. The top institutions in Nigeria were represented. It was held at the Iroto Conference Centre in Ogun state. The arrival was on the 18th but the conference itself took place on the 19th and 20th.

30 people from Lakeside Study Centre comprising students of the University of Lagos and the Yaba College of Technology attended the event. They were accommodated in the conference centre for the three days. During the conferences, a lot of students made many awestriking presentations on several contemporary issues. The presentations, ranging from medicine to transportation, technology and politics, all tried to highlight the central theme which was ‘The World in Movement ‘. It was a chance for these students to lock horns as well as rub minds.

At the conference there were also several dignitaries present who commented on the students’ presentations. There were key note speeches from these professors and professionals.



The Pre-UNIV conference also had several other activities such as sports, movies and get-togethers. It was an event that the students really enjoyed and which really educated them.


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