Building Character: Integrity in everyday life

Any Nigerian can tell you about how bad corruption is in the country. However, the focus of this seminar by Barr. Rudolf Ezeani, had a positive view. ┬áThe aim was to outline practical steps to building one’s character.

He started the seminar by getting everybody to say what they knew of corruption. From these responses, he was able to give us a fuller picture of what corruption is.

Illustrating his point with two videos, he was able to point out ways in which corruption crop up in society today due to lack of people of integrity. One of the salient points he emphasized was that fighting corruption is something that has to be pursued individually.

He gave practical steps on how to deal with specific situations where one is faced with lack of character integrity. However, the warning was given that this would often necessitate some sacrifices. Nevertheless, the benefits of a society from corruption far outweighs any temporary difficulties. It would demand that personal effort be made to do the right thing and not take the easy out.

Above all, he placed emphasis on personal integrity as the definitive way forward. The true solution to the issue would come from each person, one at a time. With individual improvement in character, the collective result would be achieved.

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