Is Tech making us smarter or dumber?

The theme of this seminar posed a topic which sounds funny but has very dire implications: Is Technology making us smarter or dumber?

It held on 11th March, 2017. It was a seminar which exposed the impact of digital media, technology and automation in the ‘real world’; the day-to-day engagements of the regular human person.

The Speaker

The Speaker on this occasion was Oladejo Fabulode. He is currently the Team lead, Information Management Operations at Chevron Plc. Mr. Fabulode has over 16 years working experience in Chevron. He has risen through the ranks as a Network analyst, Information Management Analyst and Information Management Coordinator. He has a doctorate degree from Walden University in Information Technology.

The Event

Oladejo Fabulode talked extensively on the trends in media and digital technology. The talk explored the innovations in smart and mobile technology and how it has revolutionized several sectors. Mr. Fabulode looked into the areas of education, business, communication and lifestyle and the impact of social media and digital technology in each of them. He also spoke about the many disadvantages that could come when technology goes out of control or is not properly channeled.


25 people were in attendance for this seminar. It was one that really helped us to x-ray how we use technology in order avoid the possible demerits but it also helped us understand several ways we can improve ourselves and careers through modern technology.

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