Innovation and Corporate life

This seminar, on the 29th of April, was one defined perfectly by its theme; it was innovative. The full theme was: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Life. It helped the students to attune themselves to the reality of the corporate world and all its demands. The talk focused on Entrepreneurship and its remodeling in this world of digital technology.

The Speaker

The Speaker at this seminar was Emeka Enwere, Head, Product development and Innovation at Terragon Group. He has a long work experience in Systems integration, Business consultancy and Marketing in companies like Mahindra Comvivia technologies, Ericsson, Accenture and much more. He has an MBA from the London Business School. He is mainly into Telecom, Media and Digital. Emeka Enwere’s profile shows that he was perfectly suited for the occasion.

The Event

The theme of this event encompassed the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and corporate life and so the speaker started out by zooming in on the world of startups and modern day business models. There was a lot of analysis and data representation on startups and how they thrive in modern economies. Emeka Enwere also spoke a lot about converting ideas and talents into business models that are scalable and do not necessarily require much infrastructure. Also, he talked about the challenges in the Labour market and in the business world and how to prepare one’s self for the life after school.


With his vast business experience and knowledge, Emeka Enwere did a fantastic job in opening the students’ eyes to the ‘suit and tie’ world. It was a very informative session. There were 27 people in attendance at the end of the day.

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