Drones and Internet of Things

This was by far the biggest event we had at the Lakeside Study Centre this year. The eventual turnout was 82 people. It was a tech talk with the theme ‘Drones and Internet of Things’. The theme of ‘Drones and Internet of Things’ was obviously an eye catcher. This particularly event attracted a lot of young technology enthusiasts from different schools within the Yaba metropolis and beyond. We are talking about schools like the University of Lagos Akoka, Yaba College of Technology, Federal College of Education Akoka, Institute of Industrial Technology and even a group of smart boys from a secondary school, Federal Science and Technical College. This event on the 23rd of September was the culmination of over seven weeks’ worth of toil and anticipation and in the end, it was a blockbuster.

The Speaker

Mr. Oluwatobi Oyinlola, although he prefers just Tobi, is an embedded systems engineer who currently works with rLoop. rLoop is the company that won the 2017 Hyperloop competition set up by one of tech’s biggest boys Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Space X and Tesla; more reasons for the participants to be excited. Mr. Tobi was the embedded systems engineer for the rLoop team that successfully developed a prototype for the hyperloop capsule; a massive breakthrough en route to prospectively creating the fifth mode of transportation.

Mr. Tobi is very passionate about working with young people. With all his experience travelling to several places for projects and conferences, he strongly believes that students in Nigeria, especially engineering students, need to see the bigger picture; the world beyond the dog-ears of their books and the walls of their schools.

The Event

The whole thing was a huge success. It was worth all the hype. Mr. Tobi’s presentation was top-notch. He really inspired the boys present to go beyond boundaries and push the tech industry in Nigeria forward.

The Robotic arm

To spice up the whole thing even more, there was an exhibition of a robotic arm at the tech talk. It was designed by Jacob Thankgod. He was at the time a student of the Institute of Industrial Technology doing an internship at General Electric, Lagos. The young man, an aspiring entrepreneur, had designed this prosthetic with some sensors which enabled it to grip objects that came within a certain range. It very fascinating as he demonstrated it before the crowd.


The tech talk in itself was really good but the benefits from it are were even more awesome. The next page shows one of the good results from the tech talk with Mr Tobi Onyinlola. We are extremely grateful to him.

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