Lakeside’s vision is that of young men with excellent educational and intellectual preparation for life, armed with the tools to face life’s challenges head on. Lakeside offers the following services:

Library Services

As part of its efforts to aid in individual development, Lakeside provides library services to students and anybody else interested. With a serene atmosphere of intense study, students are motivated and encouraged to excel in their studies.

Professional Get-togethers

The centre organizes and publicizes seminars, talks and professional get-togethers several times every year. Usually the entries are free. Some of them slightly take the nature of courses to teach certain skills or professionals just speak on emerging issues.

Doctrinal Forum

At the centre, there are doctrine classes and meditations every Tuesday. The doctrine classes start at 5pm and are shortly followed by the meditation at 6pm. These forums are opportunities for discussion and education on various important doctrinal, spiritual and moral issues.

Meditation & Benediction

There is a meditation given by a priest by 6pm every Tuesday. It is a priceless opportunity for simple conversation with God, guided and helped by the words of the priest. Each meditation is focused on a particular aspect of  Christian life.

The meditation is followed immediately after by a short exposition of Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

Study Weekend

During study weekends at the centre, students stay over at the centre for an entire weekend in order to participate in some activities and to get more hours of study at the library. The average target for the students is to get at least 10 hours of study on each of the days of the study weekend. During the study weekends, those participating also learn other things such as etiquette and they also receive talks to help them improve morally, spiritually and academically. On certain study weekends, the participants also make presentations on topics of their choice during a get-together.


Recollections are an avenue to spend some time away from the hubbub of daily activity and reflect. One gains:

  • a clearer perspective on the course of their lives – past, present and future,
  • insight into what needs improvement in their family as well as professional lives,
  • stronger self-knowledge gained through spiritual direction, and
  • a return to everyday life with a greater sense of joyful confidence in God

There is a recollection at the Centre every third Saturday of the month by 9:30am.

Catechism Classes

Young men involved in the Centre’s activities go to neighbouring schools to give catechism classes to students every week. The classes are aimed at providing deeper and practical knowledge of the Christian faith.

In giving these classes, they learn these truths better and also understand how to give their time and effort to others.


“Days on retreat. Recollection in order to know God, to know yourself and thus to make progress. A necessary time for discovering where and how you should change your life.”
– St. Josemaria Escriva

We need to take time out from our everyday activity, to be quiet, to pray and to reflect on our life and on our relationship with God. We can reflect on all aspects of our lives and identify areas we can improve.  The major themes of the retreat are these:

  • Responding to our Christian vocation
  • Getting to know and love Jesus Christ
  • The Christian life is a continual conversion
  • Imitation of Christ in the middle of the world
  • All are called to holiness and apostolate
  • The need to develop a prayer life
  • Serving God through our work

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