Craft Your Career via LinkedIn

Optimize your LinkedIn presence for career success by prioritizing networking, updating your profile with thorough information, maintaining a professional online image, and showcasing skills and expertise...

Craft Your Career via LinkedIn

If you are about to advance in your profession and are inactive on LinkedIn, you have work to do. The corporate scene is getting increasingly competitive, with everyone vying for a competitive edge that will eventually add value to them by solidifying their relevance and showcasing their industry influence.

It is paramount for people advancing in their careers to project their voices, support their qualifications, and demonstrate their experience, to position themselves as thought leaders with knowledge as their equity.

According to data obtained from LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, eight people are hired every minute, 117 job applications are submitted every second, 45 percent of hirers on the network explicitly use skills data to fill their roles, 61 million people use the platform to search for jobs each week.

These staggering figures underscore the platform's popularity and the sheer volume of users engaging in career-related activities. As an aspiring student looking to take the next step in their career, understanding the dynamics of LinkedIn and how to leverage this platform effectively is crucial.

LinkedIn may sometimes create an impression that one has yet to achieve much, potentially leading to discouragement or feelings of inadequacy. However, it is essential not to be discouraged because we all have vital skills to share with the world. What am I good at? What do I want to be good at? People can benefit from your story. Tell It!

Optimize your LinkedIn presence for career success by prioritizing networking, updating your profile with thorough information, maintaining a professional online image, showcasing skills and expertise, establishing industry leadership, engaging in group discussions, writing blog posts, and leveraging LinkedIn for interview preparation. These strategies enhance visibility, facilitate connections, and strengthen your professional standing in your field, contributing to career advancement and opportunities.

Speaking on the topic recently Professor Uchenna Uzo, faculty director of sales and marketing at the Lagos Business School said; “LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to signal the career interest and potential of a young graduate or a university student. However, LinkedIn cannot replace professional competence and behavioral excellence. We cannot rely on LinkedIn alone to show how good we are. LinkedIn works very well for those with internal attributes they can show the world. It is very important to work on the inside before going out”.

“Many young people spend more time going out to polish their image outside, but then within, they are not as careful and deliberate. LinkedIn will work very well if they use it in a consistent, credible, and reliable way for those who take care of their internal image and make sure that they work with excellence and build their behavior skills and competencies.”

It is important to note that 45% of recruiters on LinkedIn use the skills data on a profile to evaluate potential candidates. However, this should not be an excuse to lie on your profile. For example, claiming to be an experienced security specialist when you have only been working as a gateman for two weeks is not acceptable. It's important to sell yourself honestly and maintain your dignity. Don't claim to be a proficient data analyst if you can't even identify an Excel sheet on a computer. Remember, you are not building your career based on lies, but on your true skills and experiences.

This article is a guest post by Chinedu Ndigwe. Chinedu is a researcher at the Lagos Business School. You can find him on LinkedIn via @Chinedu-Ndigwe

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