GET joins Mastering the University

The 2023 edition of the prestigious speaker series that gathers future-thinking students from institutions around Yaba Lagos is supported by Grooming Endowment Trust (GET).

GET & Mastering the University

Grooming Endowment Trust (GET) has joined forces with Lakeside Study Centre to bring the 2023 edition of the Lakeside First Class Seminar, themed "Mastering the University for Local and Global Opportunities", to more students.

The 2023 edition of the prestigious speaker series that gathers future-thinking students from universities and tertiary institutions around Yaba Lagos is supported by GET. Students will hear from renowned and influential keynote speakers in an interactive forum designed to impact significantly their academic and career trajectories. The seminar is scheduled for November 25, 2023.

GET is committed to promoting sustainable social initiatives in education, health, enterprise, and community development. The partnership with Lakeside for the speaker series aligns with GET's vision of transformative educational initiatives that empower youth and create lasting impact.

Michael Adoghe, GET's Operations Manager, will be a guest speaker at the seminar, discussing the role of mentorship in opening doors to opportunities for students. His insights promise to enrich the seminar's discussions and contribute to the overarching theme of preparing students for success in today's world.

The Lakeside First Class Seminar promises to be an enriching and empowering experience for participants, providing them with valuable insights, strategies, and inspiration to excel in their university studies and future careers.

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